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Creating Impactful online campaign

Measure and analyze the performance of online campaign to improve your marketing strategy.

Complete view and smart analysis

Provide the smart analysis tool and in- depth report designed for marketing &PR, customer service and strategic planning.

Time and Effort are

Improve the process and increase productivity by taking control your customer conversation from various Social Media channels effectively.

Understanding your customer

Listen, understand voice of consumer based on each product & service with sentiment analysis and turn social media data into actionable plan.



The powerful Social Media Management for your Business

  • Real time monitoring
  • Social CRM
  • Publishing & Campaign Management
  • Social Analytics

Why SocialEnable ?

Social Media Expert

We have direct experience in Social Media API. We bring you the right process being applied to all applications and constantly provide you with the latest and updated technology.

Understanding customer

SocialEnable is developed from real- life business practical requirements across various industries. Besides we pay our best attention as user’s consultant.

Total Solution

SocialEnable is not just a tool. We provide total Solution designed to answer how to utilize the Social Media’s data for enterprises with the most efficient advantages.

Reliable and Trusted

SocialEnable is developed by Computerlogy.

The company is member of the Facebook® Preferred Marketing Developer Program (PMD) qualified in Pages and Apps.

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